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Without you. Howell, Kyle Hippy. A bright and cheerful repeat pattern inspired by old botanical illustrations, trips to Kew Gardens in London, the amazing This was the first time I've worked with discharge The Menagerie of the Child's Imagination. May Here's an illy I did for New York times about childeren's imaginative play. Why are kids so fascinated by It's a beautiful issue, featuring some really great people, so Here's a picture I did for the New York Times recently, accompanying a nice little story about a woman who finds a frog in a packet of lettuce on Christmas Here are some pictures I have made for no other reason than the enjoyment of making them.

Perhaps they will form part of some strange narrative one day as I keep Here's a couple of portraits I did last year.

Pretty girls & brave boys. Fiction and the real world in children's literature

First one is Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Here's a set of sketchbooks I've designed for Nobrow in London. Right: Three designs in two colour ways and two sizes. Printed in 3 Pantone colours A real I have done various jobs for the Russian magazine "Sekret Firmy" the last couple of years. Here is a selection. This piece, "Log drivers on the Drammen River" is a "homage" to the old river workers of my home town of Drammen, Norway.

Pretty girls & brave boys. Fiction and the real world in children's literature

It appeared in the local newspaper as As well as doing a new tea towel illustration, the good people of Kauniste Finland asked me to design a repeat pattern they could use to stitch together a My first collaboration with Kauniste Finland was this tea towel design called "Laululinnut" Songbirds. It features some respectable birds as well as some Here's a recent piece I did, inspired by a book about tin soldiers. I've tinted it red and cropped it in various geometric shapes for no good reason at all!

Part of an ongoing series of personal artwork where I explore the contrast between man-made structures and organic shapes.

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I've never seen, or read, "The Day of The challenge with For over 3 years I did a regular slot for People Management, the UK's biggest human resources publication. The rest of the discography is must hear stuff too. Thomas Walther. Verses by Javier Santiago.

Tape 1 Digital EP by Felbm. A two-part project encompassing fluttering piano melodies, subtle jazz drums, rumba rhythms and soothing ambience. Anne by Joseph Shabason.

Explore music. Paolo Candido. Lovely Tintin. Purchasable with gift card.

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