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I would love to know who is commenting. Therefore, please use the selections below to identify yourself. Anonymous is so impersonal. Tuesday, August 11, Nobility of Spirit. I am in dialogue with certain decisive events in my life as much as I am with the ideas on the page. He wants to move the idea of nobilitas literaria , a nobility derived not through birth and privilege, but through education, back to the forefront of contemporary culture.

Through a discussion of ideas, literature, history, and philosophy, human beings can realize their nobility through consideration of what it means to be alive, to be present, to think. Riemen is the founder of the Nexus Institute, an organization devoted to intellectual reflection and to inspiring Western cultural and philosophical debate. His book, divided into four parts, examines questions of art, literature, culture, intellectualism, and death.

He begins with the first of several important conversations described in the book.

Nobility of Spirit: A Forgotten Ideal

Again, Borghese acts as a catalyst for Riemen. The first essay is an in-depth analysis of Thomas Mann and his quest for truth, art and beauty in an age of nihilism and emptiness. What should we do with our lives? How can we be true to ourselves and maintain our human dignity? He draws on classical humanism, and believes that only by returning to such ideals and ignoring the superficiality and materialism of contemporary culture can we rediscover our own nobility. Riemen believes that the message of Socrates is applicable today. Fundamentalists of whatever stripe want to stamp out those who think differently, or have different culture and values.

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The attacks were the product of hatred, pure and simple, the basest of human emotions. Riemen takes a swipe at people like Susan Sontag and Norman Mailer who misused language in their analysis of the attacks. The perpetrators are not brave, nor is it acceptable to blame the thousands of victims.

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How courageous are you when you have nothing to lose because divine paradise awaits you? And why should someone be admired when it is unbridled hatred that drives him to destroy as many lives as possible? But such writing and thinking is prevalent throughout the twentieth century.

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One need only examine some of the views of intellectuals during the Second World War when millions of people were murdered in concentration camps to see the obvious hypocrisy. Thomas Mann, himself, faced similar guilt after publicly supporting German nationalism during the First World War. He criticized democracy, but changed his view as Hitler rose to power and the world fell into chaos.

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Nobility Of Spirit: A Forgotten Ideal

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Nobility of Spirit

About this product Product Information Identifies nobility of spirit in the life and work of Spinoza and of Thomas Mann; and, explores the quest for the good society in our own times. This book addresses the pursuit of truth and freedom that engaged figures as disparate as Socrates and Leone Ginzburg, a Jewish-Italian intellectual murdered by Nazis. Additional Product Features Author s. Rob Riemen, an essayist and cultural philosopher, is founder of the Nexus Institute, an international centre devoted to intellectual reflection and to inspiring Western cultural and philosophical debate.

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