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A flexible and open attitude will help you effectively handle obstacles. A back up plan in case the initial one does not work is necessary to successfully finish a project. A skilled manager does not allow himself to be taken by surprise and always plans ahead.

A Quick Guide to 9 Essential Project Documents

Accept the possibility that the plan you adopted at the start of the project might not work. So, make sure you have the right solution in case there is a need for it. Assuming you have clearly set the goal of your project. The work on the project and the process involved are there to enable a successful completion. Confirm project delivery, testing and make necessary preparation for its release, all according to the agreement with the customer.

Preparing for a project is a long sometimes exhaustive process. We understand that the first project is very important for any aspiring project manager. Successfully completing your very first project will improve your chances for future work. Diana Beyer is experienced and self-driven media expert who is passionate about writing.

Her purpose is to share values amid those interested.

Who should use JIRA?

She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Connect with Diana though Twitter and visit her educational blog. Top 5 Construction Project Management Software in The Pros and Cons of using Trello Software.

Top 5 Project Management Training Sites. Top 10 Main Causes of Project Failure.

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Top 10 Mac Project Management Tools. Project Management Articles. Luckily, the year has brought new hopes of doing things in a better way. According to the recent project management stats , the trend towards remote work, collaborative work management, and project management software continues. In fact, individuals or organizations using any type of work management tool are significantly better at delivering projects, staying on schedule and meeting expected quality standards. Technology has made managing everything from project initiation to final project completion more effective and convenient.

However, there is a similar survey that highlights a key solution to the problem.

JIRA basics: an overview

This is exactly what ProofHub helps you with. Did you know that a regular employee wastes more than This accounts for more than 1, hours each year, which comes out to be 47, hours over the entire career. Just think of the time you could save if you had something simpler to manage your projects.

Project Planning for Beginners - Project Management Training

With ProofHub, instead of shooting emails to assign work, you can simply create task lists for team members and add their tasks to them. This way everyone knows what they are supposed to do and can begin working without any limitation of acknowledging and responding to emails. The key to a successful project lies in proper planning. ProofHub gives you all the superpowers needed to plan your projects in the most efficient possible manner. Begin brainstorming on the projects using Online discussions , rather than wasting time on regular meetings. Gantt charts let you set task dependencies between related tasks, provide a clear picture of task progress percentage, start and end date of each task and almost all the other important information you need to plan your projects and resources efficiently.

With the in-built Calendar app in ProofHub, you can keep your work life organized and sorted just the way you always wanted to. You can mark all the important events in Calendar. You can set milestones in projects as well.

You can schedule your meetings, and even keep an eye on the start and end date of a task using Calendar. The best part is that in case you want to keep these important dates limited to yourself, you can mark them as private so that no one else gets to see them. This way you can prepare a schedule for your day, week and so on!

How agile project management can work for your research

Project management is not a solo job. Now the success of the project depends entirely on the kind of team responsible for working on it. For successful project management, it is important to find a faster, easier way to keep everyone in the loop to communicate effectively and share frequent updates.

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Weekly emails and email threads are not enough. You need something better — like the many collaborative features ProofHub offers. Everything you need to stay on top of your projects and team members comes at one place with ProofHub. No project is problem-free. Be it a workplace distraction like a chattering coworker or a serious one like back-to-back missing deadlines, any obstacle that prevents you or your team from completing the project on time needs to be identified and eliminated as soon as possible.