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How will communities be shaped by the shift in age structure?

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What global interconnections will affect how each society handles the aging of its population? To address these questions, the National Academies organized a symposium, summarized in the present volume, to determine how best to contribute to an evidence-based dialogue on population aging that will shape policies and programs. Presentations in the fields of biology, public health, medicine, informatics, macroeconomics, finance, urban planning, and engineering approached the challenges of aging from many different angles.

The presenters reviewed the current state of knowledge in their respective fields, identifying areas of consensus and controversy and delineating the priority questions for further research and policy development. Help Centre.

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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In Stock. Breakfast with the Centenarians Art of Ageing Well.

Population Aging and the Evolving Care Needs of Older Canadians

Elders Wisdom from Australia's Indigenous Leaders. Aging Well.

Coping With an Ageing Population

More information is here. Fall Institute at the T.

1. Introduction

Overcoming the Constraints of Later Life Work. Wang, Ed.

Care Needs of Older Canadians

The closing featured a wrap-up addressing the parallels between the work of the Network and the labor dispute that continued throughout the event as well as the importance of the future of the Network. It provides an up-to-date comprehensive summary of what is known about aging and work. In addition, it includes chapters on current and emerging topics related to work and aging adults such as working in teams, the increasing diversity of the labor force, work and caregiving and the implications of technology for an aging workforce.

James discussed the changing needs and wishes of older workers who want to work longer and with more flexibility as well as employer responses to these requirements.