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There was a study a few years ago that found it's your skin tone—not so much the number of wrinkles—that makes people perceive you as younger or older. Heather really proves that point, because I would kill for her complexion—and would have at any age! Clearly, she's had a helping hand from good genetics, but I'll bet she also takes great care of her skin with regular sunscreen and a good routine.

Age-Defying Beauty Secrets

If your skin tone isn't quite "there" yet, go for as sheer of a foundation formula that you're comfortable with, and then go in and spot-treat blemishes and dark marks with a higher-coverage concealer; that way, you're creating as light of a skin finish as possible but still getting coverage where you need it. So Heather's face is a little shiny If you do feel you look too oily, I recommend spot-mattification okay, not a word, but I'm making it one.

You can also repeat applications of HD powder throughout the day without worrying about it caking up! Alternatively, you can use blotting papers like Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens —how cute is this print?! This is a movement we're seeing on the younger set think: Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse , and it looks just as great on year-old Heather. Even though they're not super-full, the extra brow definition really frames her face and makes for a nice contrast with her lighter hair. A new brow product to try is Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel , which gives you colour without the possible clumpiness some people didn't like from Benefit Gimme Brow.

Han Chae-young‘s age-defying beauty secret

Cute, simple and if you've got legs like that, why not flaunt them?! I would. Sadly, I don't. Which brings me to Get this: Heather has been doing yoga for 30 years!!

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Talk about an advertisement for it! She's clearly benefited from its relaxing, calming effects compared to stressful cardio! Mom was right.

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We need our beauty sleep! It does the trick.

It bears contemplating how many of our so-called "skin problems" would be remedied by simply getting enough sleep. If it'll give me skin like Heather's, I'm IN. Being happy on the inside clearly translates to the outside, too. What do you think of Heather's beauty look here?

Jennifer Aniston on the secret to age-defying beauty

What do YOU think we can learn from her about defying the aging process? Have you tried any of these products? What is your secret for keeping it so youthful and flawless? Those juices have been really helpful. I love meat! My quality of life has gone down ha! I started using that one in particular because it has salicylic acid. So any product that has salicylic acid will help you fight off those breakouts before they even happen.

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A lot of women of color were always taught that we have built-in sun protection. We are all at risk and we all have to be diligent about our sun protection. I kind of took my sunburns with pride and would exchange war stories about what to do after the fact, but it was never preventative care and sun protection.

When one of my moles on my eye changed shape and I had to get it biopsied.

Online Age Defying Beauty Secrets

You know every little bit helps — being sedentary is not your friend. When I do have a little bit more time — at least three minutes — I do interval training.

Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets

But they do take the edge off the hunger pains. The gorgeous actress credits a supercharged diet, fitness, and beauty routine for her flawless skin and toned physique.

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